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Accurate Sales Data of Your Area
We have access to the most accurate sales data for your area, including the sales and transaction histories of your street or suburb, bringing you the clearest picture and prediction for how your property will perform on the market.
Suburb Statistics & Trends
Each suburb has different market trends and sales habits. We can paint you a picture of how your home will perform based on the statistics of similar properties in your area, combined with the time of year, the history of similar sales and predictions.
Complimentary Home Seller Consultation
This is an essential step where our team will evaluate your property and give you a free insight into how the market will respond to your property, and how much you are likely to make from your sale. We will take you through what to expect from your home selling process, and detail how we will support you every step of the way.
Complimentary eBook
You will receive a copy of our eBook "Learn How to Sell Your Home for a Dream Price in Record Time", which is a must-have for anyone wanting to sell their home. The book takes you through the entire process, with hints and tips to get the most from your agent and to give your home the greatest potential to sell.
Start Free Property Price Report Application
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Important: This is not your run-of-the-mill automated report and you may not qualify. We study your data and provide best recommendations in your consultation.