7 Reasons Why Sellers List With Us

Not Just One, But Two Experienced Agents

Grant & Christina are experts in sales and communications on their own, but together they form a powerful duo whose passion and dedication cannot be beaten, and who will get you the best price in the shortest timeframe...
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Cutting Edge Marketing

A good agent should be up to date with the latest trends in marketing and advertising to give your property maximum reach and the best potential for sale. We are sure to cover every possible marketing avenue with diligence, from property centric signage to email lists and YouTube home...
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Modern Sale Options

The Penrose team offer sellers more and unique ways to sell the property. Whether it be private treaty, auction or Openn Negotiation, we offer our sellers more choice to find the best method of sale for them, at no extra cost. With Grant and Christina’s qualifications and experience...
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State of the Art Technology & VIP Video Tours

We use state of the art drones and cameras to offer the best view of your property, with the ability to film and photograph with a range of angles, from a bird’s eye view to show the size and layout of your land, to a micro lens for the more intricate aspects of your home...
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Optional Free Auctioneer

An experienced and skilful auctioneer such as Grant usually comes at a high fee, adding to the cost of selling your home. When selling through the Penrose team, we want to give you every opportunity to sell your home quickly and with ease, which is why Grant will lend his skills to...
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Proven Open Home Strategies

A well-executed open home can be the difference between your home having a slew of potential buyers, or none. Well-manicured lawns, stylish and tasteful interiors, a design tailor-made to suit every potential buyer and a charismatic and focused agent, are all aspects...
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Unmatched Local Knowledge

Grant and Christina have almost 60 years of combined experience in and around Brisbane. As a result, they know the best times to buy and sell, the buying patterns of the area, the history of market trends and can confidently direct you and your buyer through the process...
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