Top 10 Suburbs to Buy Investment Property in Brisbane [2024 Update]

Reviewed by Christina Penrose

Looking to invest in property in Brisbane? Queensland's capital is a wide and varied place, which can make investing seem overwhelming. To make the decision easier for you, we've highlighted the best Brisbane suburbs to invest in for 2024.

We'll introduce you to each of the stunning River City suburbs we have our eye on and introduce you to the important details you need to know before investing. Please keep reading to learn how we chose the top Brisbane suburbs for 2024.

What separates great suburbs to invest in from the rest?

Unfortunately, there isn't a foolproof formula and there's always an element of risk in every investment. However, here are some common factors that indicate that a suburb has the potential for future demand and growth:

  • Easy access to public transport, especially the train line
  • Quality school options
  • Parklands
  • Access to facilities, including shopping centres and hospitals

The 10 best Brisbane suburbs to buy investment property in 2024

Here are the top 10 Brisbane suburbs we have our eye on for 2024.

  1. Ascot
  2. Paddington
  3. Ashgrove
  4. Bardon
  5. Auchenflower
  6. Stafford
  7. Chermside West
  8. Kelvin Grove
  9. Fig Tree Pocket
  10. Salisbury

Keep reading to learn more about each of the following suburbs and gain valuable insight into these valuable investment opportunities around Brisbane.

1. Ascot

ascot queensland
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Why it's one of the best suburbs in Brisbane to invest in: Ascot is one of Brisbane's most in-demand suburbs for its close proximity to the biggest employment hubs in the city: the CBD and the airport. With plenty of leafy parklands and facilities, it's easy to see why Ascot is so highly regarded. It's also a fairly safe bet as an investment for those who might sell down the line.

Population: 5,787

Median house price: $2,400,000

Median rental yield: 2.8%

Pros of Ascot:

  • Close proximity to CBD and airport
  • Good public transport
  • Has many elements to indicate it will retain its value

Cons of Ascot:

  • The biggest con of Ascot is the price tag.It's one of Brisbane's most expensive suburbs and may not fit into a modest budget.
  • There's very few vacant blocks, so if you want to build a house from scratch, you may have to consider a knockdown rebuild.

2. Paddington

Paddington queensland
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Why it's one of the best suburbs in Brisbane to invest in: From its humble roots as a working-class suburb, Paddington has skyrocketed over the decades to become one of Brisbane's most trendy and affluent areas. Full of restaurants and cafes close to the CBD, South Bank and Suncorp Stadium, Paddington has all your social and entertainment needs covered.

Population: 9,965

Median house price: $1,965,000

Median rental yield: 2.3%

Pros of Paddington:

  • Trendy area with lots of amenities
  • Close to the CBD

Cons of Paddington:

  • Due to its proximity to Suncorp Stadium, expect a lot of cars parked throughout the area during large events
  • It has a lower rental yield than other suburbs

3. Ashgrove

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Why it's one of the best suburbs in Brisbane to invest in: Ashgrove is a lovely, cozy suburb only 4 kilometres away from Brisbane. A popular area for both families and couples, there's plenty of demand from both buyers and renters.

Population: 13,039

Median house price: $1,475,000

Median rental yield: 2.7%

Pros of Ashgrove:

  • Impressively high growth each year
  • Located in the inner ring of the city

Cons of Ashgrove:

  • It has a high price point that can be over a modest investors' budget
  • The rental yield isn't as high as in some areas

4. Bardon

Bardon queensland
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Why it's one of the best suburbs in Brisbane to invest in: Located at the foot of Mount Coo-tha, Bardon offers leafy surrounds, including the nearby botanical gardens, while still having the benefits of being close to the city. Bardon is an upper-market suburb, popular with families and professionals.

Population: 9,500

Median house price: $1,723,000

Median rental yield: 2.57%

Pros of Bardon:

  • Close to the CBD, while still offering a connection to nature
  • It has great local schools

Cons of Bardon:

  • Higher median property prices make it more difficult to afford a property
  • Not as high recent growth as some other suburbs

5. Auchenflower

Auchenflower investment property

Why it's one of the best suburbs in Brisbane to invest in: Auchenflower is a popular location for young couples and professional, due its close proximity to the city and many public transport options. For anyone looking to invest in a rental accommodation, you'll get a lot of interest from some promising tenants.

Population: 5,877

Median house price: $1,600,00

Median rental yield: 2.46%

Pros of Auchenflower:

  • Close to the CBD, making it appealing to professionals.
  • Wesley Hospital located in Auchenflower

Cons of Auchenflower:

  • Lower rental yield than other suburbs

6. Stafford

Image source: Wikipedia

Why it's one of the best suburbs in Brisbane to invest in: Close to everything including a wide range of schools, shops and other facilities, Stafford has a lot to offer potential investors.

Population: 6,581

Median house price: $940,000

Median rental yield: 2.90%

Pros of Stafford:

  • Close to everything including shopping centres, hospitals and the city
  • In high demand, so if you can nab a property, you'll have a valuable investment

Cons of Stafford:

  • No trains, though plenty of bus services
  • High demand that may make buying a house difficult

7. Chermside West

Why it's one of the best suburbs in Brisbane to invest in: Located on the Northside of Brisbane, Chermside West offers a nice option for those looking to invest in an outer suburb of the city. With Westfield shopping centre in the area, all your everyday shopping needs are covered. It's quieter than some of its inner Brisbane suburbs, yet has two hospitals and education options, giving it some strong investment credentials

Population: 6,458

Median house price: $910,000

Median rental yield: 3.44%

Pros of Chermside West:

  • More affordable than most inner-city suburbs
  • Lots of access to shopping centres
  • Strong rental yields

Cons of Chermside West:

  • Slightly higher crime rates
  • A longer drive if you need to commute to the CBD

8. Kelvin Grove

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Why it's one of the best suburbs in Brisbane to invest in: A great location, close the CBD and QUT, Kelvin Grove has a lot of the signs of a suburb with growth potential.

Population: 7,927 people

Median house price: $1,252,500

Median rental yield: 2.91%

Pros of Kelvin Grove:

  • Close to the Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
  • Potential to rent to students

Cons of Kelvin Grove:

  • While there is a reliable demand for student accommodation, students aren't always the most responsible tenants

9. Fig Tree Pocket

Fig Tree Pocket
Image source: Brisbane City Council

Why it's one of the best suburbs in Brisbane to invest in: A suburb in Western Brisbane, Fig Tree Pocket has a natural atmosphere and will suit those who don't want to feel like they're living in the city. For the right tenant, a house here provides easy access to the city and a relaxing escape at the end of the day.

Population: 4,045 people

Median house price: $1,640,00

Median rental yield: 3.0%

Pros of Fig Tree Pocket:

  • Beautiful, rural feel while still being close to the city
  • Great place for a family, with a range of schools

Cons of Fig Tree Pocket:

  • Lack for shopping facilities, you'll need to travel to Indooroopilly
  • Public transport options are limited

10. Salisbury

Salisbury queensland

Population: 8,207

Why it's one of the best suburbs in Brisbane to invest in: Located 12km from the city centre, Salisbury is a more affordable option for investors in Brisbane. The high demand for rentals along with a strong yield make it a promising area for the right investor.

Median house price: $960,000

Median rental yield: 3.6%

Pros of Salisbury:

  • Great opportunity for entry-level investors
  • High demand for rentals properties
  • Good rental yield

Cons of Salisbury:

  • It's in a high demand market that can make finding a property difficult
  • The quality of properties vary and sit on both ends of the scale, with some having functional and aesthetic issues

Potential rewards & risks of investing in Brisbane's property market

Arial view of home and pool

Investing in property will always come with a certain level of risk, however, with good research and preparation and the right people on your side, you can give yourself the best chance of having a rewarding experience.

Here are some of the potential risks and rewards of the Brisbane property market


  • Brisbane house prices are much lower than Sydney and Melbourne
  • Brisbane properties usually make great long-term investment
  • Brisbane investments are reliable source of income
  • There are many tax benefits available to property investors
  • Brisbane properties are great for an investment portfolio


  • There's always a possibility of having bad tenants (or no tenants at all)
  • There can be a high entry cost compared to other investments
  • Not all properties increase in value
  • There is low liquidity in the area

How to find the right Brisbane property to invest in

Arial view of trees in Brisbane suburb

Finding the right property to invest in requires both research and understanding your own situation and preferences.

If you're ready to invest, click here to see our properties for sale in Brisbane.

Decide on the type of investment property you want

It may seem like a basic question but knowing why you’re interested in investing will make all the difference when it comes to finding the perfect property for you.

Are you planning to live in the property and sell in a few years, or are you looking to purchase a property to rent out? The answer to that question alone will completely change the type of investment property you should be looking for, and which suburbs you should be investigating.

Consider your price range

Talking money can be uncomfortable, but we can't stress how important it is to have a thorough and honest understanding of your financial situation before you consider an investment property.

As of December 2022, the average price of a house in Brisbane is 925,000 and for a unit $475,000. You also need to consider the ongoing costs (see below).

Plan for ongoing investment costs

You need to account for both short term and long-term costs when investing in property. Some of the ongoing costs include:

  • Mortgage repayments
  • Council Fees
  • Maintenance costs (including repairs)
  • Insurance costs
  • Renovation costs
  • Real estate management costs

Explore local property market trends

To make the most of your investment, you need to stay abreast of all the property market trends in your area. This includes not only knowing where to buy but also when to sell. Have a look at our guide to the best and worst time to sell, to better understand how timing can be everything.

Talk to a Brisbane real estate agent about investing

If you're looking to invest, there's no reason to go it alone. You don't need to be a property expert if you have an expert, like us, that you can trust.

We have over thirty years of experience and have our fingers constantly on the pulse of the Brisbane property market. Get in touch today to discuss your investment plans with our friendly team.