The Best and Worst Time of Year to Sell Your House in Brisbane

Statistically, there are always times of the year that sell better than others. 

Brisbane has a hot property market right now and is growing in popularity because it’s a fantastic city to live and work in. The weather is beautiful most of the year, the property prices are more affordable than other cities like Sydney and Melbourne, and it’s a short jaunt to visit rainforests and islands. The Queensland lifestyle is the lure of a bliss-filled life.

Weave in the timeless beauty of Queenslanders, tree-lined streets, a thriving CBD and stylish modern home designs, and you have a city people want to put their roots down.

But even in a strong property market like Brisbane, there are benefits to understanding your buyers and market trends for maximum results.


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Spring has traditionally been a golden time to sell in real estate.

Spring has traditionally been a golden time to sell in real estate.  We know this based on increased property viewings and interest. Typically, the best time to sell is when you have the most buyer interest possible, resulting in large viewings, competition and offers. 

Sales figures have argued, however, that it can sometimes be more of a browsing phase as viewings do not necessarily translate to direct sales. In recent years, while this spring period remains very strong there has also been a growing market trend for Brisbane moving closer towards December. 

The summer quarter has been growing as a time of higher profit margins for Brisbane since 2017 where CoreLogic data showed that 92.8 per cent of property sales in Brisbane at that time were for an increased profit. In December 2021 data showed that Brisbane house prices rose by 2.4% that month.

Finding the right time to sell

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...a good agent will tell you that not all times are created equal.

With the current housing market upswing, it can be easy to feel like anytime is a good time to sell, especially with Brisbane prices being so strong. But a good agent will tell you that not all times are created equal. 

The worst time to sell your property is always when it could have fetched a lot more if you’d considered your buyer demographic. 

Inner-city leafy suburbs like Bardon that are 5km to the CBD, close to schools and have a charming selection of Queenslander homes against the backdrop of Mt Cootha are the areas that are selling well year-round. But even they have their peak profitability times and it pays to look at your median buyer demographic to find the best time to sell. Consider their ages, what they are looking for and when more of them are buying, putting upwards pressure on prices.

A contributing factor to the December quarter success in Brisbane areas like Bardon is families buying a house in time to get settled before children start a new school year, as well as arriving international students and families for the university year ahead. 

Factors that affect Selling...

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For example, this demographic of buyers would consider the mid-year period one of the worst times to purchase a property due to impracticality.  While sales in general will still be strong, this is traditionally not when families want to disturb ongoing education, so the demand is lower. With these buyers looking to buy and be settled in time for a new year, listing your house from September through to January would likely be the peak purchase time. December would also become a hot sales month for these buyers due to a sense of urgency to secure a property before the new year.

Quiet Times

The best time to sell does swing the other way as well though with other buyer demographics. December and January are traditionally a holiday time for most investors. Many of these buyers may not need to consider changes in the new year. 

Additionally, Queensland’s tropical storm and flood season during the summer months can have an impact on sales. It is never going to be ideal selling conditions in weather events like we have seen in the 2011 and 2022 floods, unless it’s in a suburb that has weathered the storms very well making that an added sales feature.

If you are selling in the off-peak times, it is even more crucial to have your home beautifully prepared with a ready-to-go atmosphere so buyers feel drawn to it and can picture themselves living there. For example, undertaking some easy ways to improve presentation, likability and sale readiness of your home can build buyer interest and improve your property’s value.

Unlike Sydney and Melbourne where timing is essential, Brisbane has recently seen steady growth and profitability year-round, generally peaking in the summer months from December to February, especially in areas close to the CBD, schools and universities. There is evidently no BAD time to sell right now, but finding out what your ideal market demographic is will help you find the BEST time to sell. 

Get help knowing when to sell

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